Quatro Sphere Thruster

kr 19.990 ink. mva

Sphere Thruster leveres i 7 størrelser fra 75 til 115 liter. Brettet er raskt, planer tidlig og svinger svært bra. Sphere egner seg svært bra til norske on-shore bølgeforhold.

Les Keith Teboul´s beskrivelse under.

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Keith Teboul´s ord om Sphere Thruster:

With the new Sphere™ I was looking to enhance the ease of turning while at the same time not losing that boosting low end torque and its thrilling top end speed. I stuck to a v-bottom for early planing and a double concave to soften the ride at high speeds and then worked meticulously on the rail foiling, ending up having the rails faster from nose to tail to making the board feel distinctly crisp and responsive. I went for an outline that has some traditional qualities to it, appealing to a rider that is looking for a somewhat familiar feeling from single fin designs, yet I incorporated all the latest Quatro ® features into this shape, from foam flow, to where you are standing on the board in relation to the multi fin setup, to the tail rockers bringing a very modern concept to the board. The new Sphere™ is a superb transitional board from single to multi fin. It will really bring the benefits of the Thruster concept home for you with ease. Yet it allows you to push your limits time and again, offering tons of speed for flowing moves.


What comes with this Quatro board?
Fins The Pyramid Sphere comes with the latest Maui Fin Company TF Tri Fin set.

Straps All Quatro windsurfing boards come with the new Maui Fin Company straps that take comfort to new levels and feature lush quality neoprene and a very soft inner sole. LEARN MORE

Pads All Quatro windsurfing boards come with pads of varying thickness levels, giving you cushion under your heels and grip where only grip is needed.

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