NoveNove iSUP WIND 10’6” oppblåsbar

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NoveNove iSUP 10’6” WIND er oppblåsbart og har mulighet for windsurf-rigg. Brettet leveres med 2 finner, en bak og en som kan monteres under midten som kjøl for økt stabilitet og kryssningsegenskaper. Sammenrullet tar brettet svært liten plass, er lett å lagre og er ideelt å ha med i bilen eller i båten. Brettet leveres med finner, pumpe og ryggsekk/bag med trillehjul.

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Model: NoveNove iSUP 10’6” WIND
Volume: 240 liter
Lengde: 10'6"
Bredde: 32"
Tykkelse: 6"
Maks trykk: 18 PSI

The new iSUP Wind will allow you to fully appreciate the ocean not only as a pure Stand Up Paddle board, but also for windsurfing sessions during your summer beach time.

The iSup Wind is the perfect beginner to cruiser all round SUP inflatable board that allows you to also teach your family and friends how to windsurf plus it doubles as a classic windsurfer board to cruise around your local lakes and flat water.

Our top rider Kauli Seadi and his wife Nana have chosen the iSUP Wind as the perfect choice during their summer sail boat cruise discovering new paradises around the South Pacific Islands.


NoveNove EnduroTech construction (max 18 PSI) for extreme rigidity.

High pressure spring valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation

Large EVA diamond grooved foot pad providing grip and comfort

Soft carry handle

US Box center fin

Stainless steel D-rings for tying to boats, docks, etc

Large, comfortable heavy duty backpack with extra room for gear storage.

High pressure pump w/ gauge

Repair Kit

M8 Pin-holes on deck for mast foot insert

Additional US box to the middle-board for dagger-fin option



It’s our latest Technology developed all in one SINGLE Layer which combines the superior quality, durability and stiffness of double layer Tech to the light feel of Single layer Tech. It’s cosmetic feeling is wrinkles free making the board look cleaner, smoother and feel best to the touch. EnduroTech produce a stiffer board at lower pressure compared to average. It is also easier to roll-up after use for storing inside the bag.

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