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Streamlined Wave Carbon Boom 140-190 RDM

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Streamlined wave booms are maxed out for performance in every respect. You must sail this boom and experience this well balanced combination of simple,well executed ideas. RDM front.

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Streamlined wave booms are maxed out for performance in every respect. The powerful over hand friendly curve, the lightness, the stiffness, the strength,the small grip, the Dyneema boom head, the tight and light tail. You must sail this boom and experience this well balanced combination of simple,well executed ideas. It represents a whole new level of performance foryou. It makes sailing more fun, more comfortable, and actually easier for all maneuvers.

One length model
140 cm to 190 cm

New features:

  • 27 mm tube OD, 29 mm OD with grip
  • 39 cm inside maximum width
  • 2 pin, EZ-adjust, length setting clips
  • Revised alloy boom head – Dyneema easy adjusting line replaces the straps
  • Strong, stiff, super light, now also quick and easy to rig
  • Dyneema outhaul
  • New thin Duro-grip and new color graphics
  • Standard features
  • Performance designed, built, and proven QUALITY
  • Ultra strong, super light, 98% pre-preg carbon fiber construction
  • The orginal “new school” curve
  • Incredibly simple and compact, all carbon tail with 4:1 outhaul
  • 50 cm, smooth sliding, adjustment range
  • Permanent length setting numbers
  • Harness line setting dots
  • Weight (140 / 190) : 2033 grams

Choose from SDM or RDM front ends.  If you want a front end that works on both mast diametres, choose SDM & use a shim on your RDM masts.

This CURVE is another design first by Streamlined. It is often called the “new school” curve. The idea is that your forward hand is on a straighter part of the boom as opposed to trying to hang onto a reverse curve, which is a big disadvantage. The reverse curve area on most booms makes you inclined to sail underhanded. Your front hand grip is so critical to control and just plane hanging on. This advantage is excellent for all styles of sailing, it helps everyone do everything. This curve gives less fatigue and even eases carpal tunnel syndrome.

One of the best things about Streamlined booms is our own unique Dyneema alloy head design. The boom to mast connection is absolute, it makes your entire rig feel like an extension of your arms. It is amazing how good it feels. This connection does not break down in time. This strong aluminum head is even lighter than many plastic heads. The Dyneema alloy head is quick and easy to set up, adjust, and get tight

What is the diameter where you put your hands? It is so obvious but this is such a point of rampant false advertising. The truth is that Streamlined booms tubes are 27 millimeters in diameter at the actual area where you hang on. But in reality, you will likely never see that diameter because boom grip is on every boom. Often grip material is 1.5 millimeters to 2 millimeters thick. 1.5 mm would add 3 mm to the OD [outside diameter]. 2 mm would add 4 mm to the OD. If you see a boom advertised as having a 26.5 mm grip, in reality with grip it could be 30.5 mm. what we really must be aware of is the diameter with grip we make our booms. It’s not only about being small, its about being good.

STREAMLINED means simplicity, literally. Our wave boom tail is virtually weightless and absolutely simple. Precision built prepreg Carbon fiber and Dyneema out-haul line. No more, no less. The tail design is perfectly designed for a 4 to 1 purchase by simplicity. You can out-haul your sail so it butts up to the tail piece, so it is tight with no slop and no gap.

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