Cesare Cantagalli - C5 MULTIFIN Wave

kr 24.900 ink. mva

C5 Multifin er et svært allsidig bølgebrett som kan tilpasses alt fra fra side-shore til on-shore og bump´n´jump. De fem carbon slot-box finnebokser gir mulighet til thruster-, quad-, twinser- eller single-fin oppsett. Brettet leveres med MFC thruster finner.

Leveringstid: 10 dager.

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ModelVolumeLength / WidthWeight +/- 6%Fin TypeBox TypeFinsSail Range
C5 70 70 218x54,5 6.1 kg Multifin Slot Box MFC / TF RTM – Epoxy Carbon Thruster Set 15+10 3.5/4.7
C5 78 78 221x55,5 6.5 kg Multifin Slot Box MFC / TF RTM – Epoxy Carbon Thruster Set 16+10 3.7/5.3
C5 85 85 224x58,5 6.8 kg Multifin Slot Box MFC / TF RTM – Epoxy Carbon Thruster Set 17+11 4.0/5.7
C5 93 93 227x60,5 6.9 kg Multifin Slot Box MFC / TF RTM – Epoxy Carbon Thruster Set 18+11 4.2/6.0
C5 101 101 230x62,5 7.1 kg Multifin Slot Box MFC / TF RTM – Epoxy Carbon Thruster Set 19+12 4.2/7.0


Following the concept that made Chameleon a 2018 and 2019 test- winner across International Magazines, the new C5 range
maintains its extraordinary ability to adapt to all wind and wave conditions: from onshore to side offshore, the C5 is always a top
performer, partly thanks to it’s multi-fin configuration/options which allow adaption to the conditions and to the rider’s style.


• Shape: The C5 range shapes are in perfect balance with the footstraps, fin boxes and mast foot bringing a wider range of optimised all-round wave performance.

• Outline: The outline has a wide tail to support riders and their power combined with the footstraps being close to the tail-end. The result is to make the board “pivot’’ into tighter bottom turns and carve aggressive cut backs.

• Rockerline: It is the most important technical mandate when designing an ‘all-round’ wave board. We wanted a fast rockerline for quick planing and acceleration without sacrificing manoeuvrability, we have achieved the perfect compromise.

• Hull: A concave bottom fading into a double concave then to a deep V towards the tail, we feel this is the perfect combination to have an easy but fast board with very good control in choppy wave faces.

• 5 x slot-box : You can set the board with Quad, Thruster or even Twinzer set up to adapt and satisfy riders in any kind of condition or wave style .

• New tail design: The new tail inspired by the most innovative surfboards shapes, making the C5 hyper reactive in top turns!

• Twin-set-inserts: We added parallel twin-inserts to the tail for anti-twist and maximum grip with double screws on the back footstrap.

• Construction: A PVC double sandwich, with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined with a full carbon/Innegra + Biax carbon ‘strong deck layup’ gives the boards the best compromise in terms of light weight, strength and durability.

C5 boards come with an MFC thruster set which is considered the best all-round wave product on the market.

The C5 2020 is still the perfect all-round wave board for those who want a unique single product without the stress of having to choose between multiple boards. Wherever you sail, from the Mediterranean to Hawaii, the C5 is the choice for you!

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