Cesare Cantagalli - Squadra Corse Slalom

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Squadra Corse Team Edition Series er superraske slalombrett produsert for world cup seilere.

Leveringstid: 10 dager.

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ModelVolumeLength / WidthWeight +-6%Box TypeFinsSail Range
SQSL 61 89 235x61 TBA Short Tuttle Box No Fin 4.7/7.0
SQSL 63 97 232x63 TBA Short Tuttle Box No Fin 5.4/7.8
SQSL 70 109 235x70 TBA Short Tuttle Box No Fin 6.3/8.6
SQSL 72 122 232x72 TBA Short Tuttle Box No Fin 7.0/9.0
SQSL 83 129 229x83 TBA Deep Tuttle Box / FOIL PROOF No Fin 7.8/9.8
SQSL 85 145 226x85 TBA Deep Tuttle Box / FOIL PROOF No Fin 8.4/10.5


When it comes to design, i-99 is expressed in 100% Cesare Cantagalli language: 40 years of matured evolution in & out of the water with Italian elegance, innovation, meticulously finished details and that “sporty” energy combined to offer you maximum performance, fun and unrivaled image.

From whatever perspective anyone examines, the style is clear and unequivocal. Water lines and design are striking: they look unique, they offer top class performance: never experienced before.


Our roots penetrate the internationally recognized Italian Motor Valley, the beating heart of technology, spectacular cars, world famous heritage, historic victories and racing milestones.

Hence the inspiration to create a series of boards expressly dedicated to competition at the highest level: design with innovative shaping and construction processes to produce excellence never witnessed before.

The new I-99 Cesare Cantagalli Squadra Corse SL ’20 collection embodies our competition DNA, which makes it a force to be reckoned. Our hunger for innovation, competition and victories is self-evident: sail it and feel it.

This means unparalleled performance fueled by countless hours of testing and a relentless search for the most sophisticated technology in the composites industry, with the use of the most sophisticated materials available. All combined with a bold and stylish design. (Italian style and design).

It is the result of experience and evolution born from decades of World Cup competition we offer our team and dedicated riders, a specific product for competition, which excels above all other offers.

STABILISER – (72 + 85 models)

Speed is nothing without control!

To further improve the performance of 72 and 85, the shapes have been revised on tail-design, inserts position, scoop-rocker lines and volumes distribution.

The SC team focused testing and developments toward over the top high performance: results delivered the innovative idea > the Stabiliser: a Trail-edge that produces greater control and better flow allowing to widen the sail-range to an unlimited precedent, in both over-power and under-powered mode.

With the introduction of the innovative Stabiliser Trail-edge, positioned on the centre flat section of the board, from the tail-end, gradually fading at the middle section, we’ve been able to push further the performance for Squadra Corse 72 and 85 models which are the sizes chosen by the Team for the 2020 racing season equipping them with tools to push beyond the limit in World Cup conditions.


What you see > is what you get!

Thanks to the in-depth research and selection of high modulus carbon fibres at the forefront of the composite sector, we focused on a “Clear Vision” deck lamination, in full transparency, showing the distribution of the various carbon fabrics designed to work mechanically on each area with related stress and flex properties.

Nothing has been left to chance: the area of greatest stress around mastboxes, finboxes and footstraps’ inserts – are reinforced with the same reinforcements that have characterized the quality of our slalom boards during the last seasons.


Advanced Carbon Fibers

To obtain maximum accuracy and to guarantee consummate performance for the Squadra Corse Series, we opted for the Semi-Custom Technology Construction.

A full deck lay-up built in single layer 98gr. Spread Tow High Module Carbon combined to a Silver Carbon Stringer: This is a uniquely adaptable, safe and ultra-light supportive solution that lasts. Thanks to its structural features it has the function of a “back-bone” as well as giving an unique aesthetic inspired by racing cars.

A specifc Ultra Carbon Net with high elastic-module capacity is applied in areas of greater stress from tail up to the front pads in order to provide flex to prevent structural failure caused by excessive strains or shocks.

Reinforcements on rails, nose and tail of the boards are in full Biax Carbon, specially chosen to guarantee the correct mechanics in terms of twist and flex, ensuring high impact resistance.

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