Cesare Cantagalli - Style Pro Wave Freestylewave

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Style Pro Wave er et moderne og superraskt freestyle wave brett, som passer perfekt i bump´n jump forhold, og til å ri små bølger med.

Leveringstid: 10 dager.

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ModelVolumeLength / WidthWeight +/- 6%Fin TypeBox TypeFinsSail Range
Style Pro Wave 86 86 226x58.5 TBA thruster UsBox + Slot Box MFC FW 21+ TF 10 3.5/6.0
Style Pro Wave 95 95 228x61.5 TBA thruster UsBox + Slot Box MFC FW 22+ TF 12 3.7/6.3
Style Pro Wave 104 104 230x63 TBA thruster Power Box + Slot Box MFC FW 23+ TF 12 4.0/6.8
Style Pro Wave 113 113 232x66 TBA thruster Power Box + Slot Box MFC FW 25+ TF 12 4.2/7.0


Performance Freestyle Wave has entered the next dimension! The Style Pro Wave collection is confirmed to be the envy of the market: International Magazine board tests, customers and team riders have been astonished by the boards overall performance!

Smooth outlines and bottom curves, exquisitely shaped rails, fast rocker lines and functional tail designs have confirmed to be features that headline our 2020 Style Pro Wave models.

Its unique graphic design complements perfectly, this real beauty.



• ‘Curved Swallow Design’ : Testing revealed that a wide tail at the back foot combined with a quickly narrowing outline towards our uniquely designed swallow tail released excess pressure and greatly increased the manoeuvrability and wind range of the Style Pro Wave collection.

• Fast rocker lines: We kept the same World Cup Slalom rocker 1-1 up until 200cm. from the tail blending into additional kick to the nose to handle the waves and chop. All the boards are super fast and easy, but still remarkably manoeuvrable!

• Balanced rail curves: Style Pro Wave’s unique rail design guarantees the grip and power to handle the basics but still turns great in small waves with control in the chop.

• Detailed volume distribution: ‘Modern’ generation Freestyle Wave boards generally have more volume under the back foot to help planing. In addition, the use of Powerbox fins on bigger sizes (104 and 113) will increase wind range.
We have focused on the volume flow from the front foot to the nose that has been meticulously designed to help the rider overcome non-planing and planing nose plunging, a common problem for intermediate FSW sailors who are introducing themselves to waves.

• Construction: Built with exclusive SSS moulding tech (seamless single shot) full wrap PVC double sandwich with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined with a full Biax carbon ‘strong deck layup’ gives the boards the best compromise in terms of light weight, strength and durability.

Style Pro Wave boards come with an MFC thruster set considered as the best product available on the market.

  • High-precision CAD/CAM CNC shape 15kg/m3 EPS core
  • Full T700 biax carbon lightweight deck lamination layup for max. compression strength and structural stability.
  • Double PVC sandwich in the most stressed areas for excellent compression strength.
  • 100 kg/m3 PVC full bottom and deck sandwich for maximum durability and compression strength resistance, no wood!
  • Full 140 S-glass bottom layup for the correct flex during hard turns and jump landings.
  • Wave and freeride footstraps set-up
  • US/Powerbox centre fin, 2 x 100% carbon slot box side fins.
  • Dual density footpads with shock absorbers
  • MFC FW G10 centre fin with MFC TF side fins.

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