Klint Krypto

Klint Krypto er en moderne løssnøski med rocker i tupp og tail og 2mm spenn under midten. Krypto flyter og svinger som en drøm i pudder og fungerer overraskende bra på hardt underlag. Krypto er kåret til "Editor´s Pick" i Freeskier Magazine.

Les testen av Klint Krypto i Freeskier Magazine her.

Se film av Tanner Rainville på Klint Krypto under. Full screen anbefales!

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size          tip             waist          tail            radius
173 cm     137 mm     114 mm     130 mm     multi
180 cm     140 mm     118 mm     135 mm     multi
187 cm     145 mm     123 mm     142 mm     multi


The KRYPTO is KLINT's power hound. We start the rocker all the way at the tip and tail and with 2mm of underfoot camber, it gives tremendous float in soft snow yet tons of control. Despite its size, the KRYPTO retains a multiple ski radius, allowing it to perform well on groomed slopes giving a solid freeride foundation.The wide points of the ski have enough positive camber to make it functional on hardpack too. The KRYPTO is very responsive and easy, an ideal ski for intermediate powder skiers to hard-charging experts. the KRYPTO features our proprietary Reflection Applied Concept (RAC). RAC was born out of an analysis; most ski brands design each size of a same ski while focusing on the radius only. creating the major issue of completely changing the ski handling depending on its size.

Thanks to our proprietary CAD tool, we offer the exact same handling for a given model, whatever its size is. When a length is reduced (for instance going from 165cm to 172cm), all the ski features are reduced according to scale; all of the contact components (length of rails, base area, etc.) and also the flex index. The ski is then perfectly adapted to your size and weight, and keeps the exact same traits throughout the size range.


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