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Concept X Hjelm Hvit

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kr 749 ink. mva

Lett og behagelig hjelm for vannsport med gode justeringsmuligheter som gir svært god passform. Paddingen over ørene kan tas av etter behov.

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The new Concept X Surf Helmet is the first choice for everyone who loves and still wants to perform this sport for a long time. The helmet has an extremely good fit because of the variable settings at the chin and -very important- at the back of the head. The special soft heat pressed EVA foam protects the head and is extremely lightweight. You almost don't feel the helmet while wearing it. It is one of the lightest helmets on the market and the weight is only 400 grams! Furthermore the Concept X helmet has removable, integrated earmuffs. Features: ABS outer shell, Aerodynamic 11-vents Shell Design, heat pressed soft EVA impact absorption liner, comfortable shock resistance, adjustable chin and back-of-head fittings, removable molded soft EVA close ear protector, ergo covered soft EVA ear shell. CE EN 1385 Water Sport Safety Standard. Sizes XS 47,5- 51,5 / S 51-54/ M 53,5-57,5/ L 56-59,5 / XL 58-61,5

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