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Hot Sails Maui Trapesliner

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Trapesliner av svært høy kvalitet med skinn-forsterkning på festene, urethane rør av høyeste kvalitet og en tynn Spectra sikkerhetsline i paralell med hovedlinen. Trapeslinenen leveres i faste lengder fra 18" (45cm) til 36" (91cm). 

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Hot Sails Maui fixed harness lines simply blow other brands away. Owner Jeffrey Henderson has been watching harness lines fall apart for 30 years and set his mind to making the best. Built with huge 2-mm wall thickness highest quality urethane tubing, and the innovative addition of a 250lbs break strength Spectra® safety line that gets you back to the beach no matter what. The Velcro wrap is topped with our real leather chafe that is impervious to UV and very good on wear and tear. Available 18inch (45cm) to 36inch (90cm)

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