Cesare Cantagalli - Primo

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Primo er en serie nybegynnerbrett som er store nok til å lære på og moderne nok til at man kan ha det gøy lenge etter at man har lært det grunnleggende.

Leveringstid: 10 dager.

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ModelVolumeLength / WidthWeight +/- 6%Fin TypeBox TypeFinsSail Range
PRIMO X 155 155 239x87 TBA double fin powerbox I-99 44cm. RTM+PVC 36cm 4.5/10.0
PRIMO 165 165 260x79 TBA singlefin + daggerboard powerbox 1.0/8.0
PRIMO 200 200 280x91 TBA singlefin + daggerboard powerbox 1.0/8.0
PRIMO 235 235 285x100 TBA singlefin + daggerboard powerbox 1.0/8.0

The range consists of 4 daggerboard models with a full EVA deck pad and a new innovative construction process that guarantees maximum strength and durability.

The Primo Series 235, 200, 165 and 155, covers all possible requirements, from beginners without any weight or age limit, to riders that are approaching the ‘funboard’  side of the sport.

Primo X 155
Easyrider entry-level-freerider with full EVA deck pad and integrated nose protector.The board offer multiple inserts positioning including forward footstraps stance for first planning, jibing and early harness hooks lessons.

Primo 165
This modern board concept with significantly less volume is aimed at beginners, but especially children and women. Even for those who start to approach the funboard, thanks to its water lines it’s perfect for learning from basic techniques to planing moves. The daggerboard offers maximum stability with light winds and makes upwind sailing a bit more easier, even on the most wind days.

Primo 200
A modern and innovative shape, designed to make windsurfing as easy as possible! Extremely stable, forgiving in tacks and jibes and early maneuvering, the Primo200 is the easiest and fastest way to learn windsurfing today!

Primo 235
Age and weight are no longer a limit to learn windsurf in the best way. The Primo235 has been specifically designed to allow heavier people or with a lack of balance, to be able to learn with astonishing simplicity all the basic techniques.

• CAD-CAM designed
• ASA Moulding shell bottom
• Soft PE full wrap deck
• Glass crossed bers lamination
• Glass chop strand reinforcements on more stressed areas
• PVC freeride fin
• Multiple footstrap insert positions
• Full wrap EVA deck with nose bumper and rail band

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